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Letting Go Part 2

Author:   Trixi

Part 7

The Cabin
The next day

    "It would help us a lot if you had brought your phone with you, Mulder." Scully gave him a look.

    "Mhm, yeah, but I ... it´s damaged, you know, the last case ..." He tried the puppy-dog look again.

    "Ok, ok. I just wonder why they keep giving you a new one? They don´t last longer than three months, maximum."

    Jarod came in with a map and spread it out on the table before them.

    "Here, I think this should be the right place."

    "Mhm, looks good." Miss Parker eyed the map carefully.

    "Do you think you could make it that far?" Jarod didn´t want to make it too strenuous for her

    "I´m fine. I´ll do it."

    Mulder grinned from ear to ear and opened his mouth but before he could speak Scully raised a warning hand. "Not one word, I´m warning you."

    He put both hands up and bit his lips together.

    Neither Jarod nor Parker said anything; they had understood long ago that these two had their own language, which no one else understood.

    Later, after they had packed the car and cleaned the cabin, Jarod wanted to talk to Parker, but he couldn´t find her. He went to every room but she wasn´t there.

    "Have you seen her?" he asked Mulder and Scully, who were standing by the car, taking a last look at the map and discussing the final details.

    "No, we thought she was with you." Scully raised her head and tucked her hair behind her ear.

    Jarod went back to the cabin and saw her sitting on the roof by the window.  He smiled and went up the hill.

    "Ready?" he asked softly.


    "But I thought you agree with -"

    "It´s not that. Everything has changed in the last couple of days. I just feel like I don´t understand anything ..."

    He sat down beside her and hesitated before laying his arm gently around her waist. He pulled her nearer to him.

    "That´s ok. I know how this feels. But if you´re not sure, maybe we should wait till...."

    "No, we can´t wait. I waited long enough, but never had the courage to do something. I´m glad that I have help now. We´ll do like we planned. What comes after that, we can decide later." she hugged him back, then stood up and offered him her hand.

    "Let the show begin. I never thought I would enjoy one of your plans."

    After one day on the road, they reached the west coast. They only stopped to buy something to eat and to change the driver.

    On their way, they bought everything they would need and brought it to a beach house that Jarod had used as a hiding place before.

    "Mulder and I are taking a walk on the beach. Just call when it´s time to start." Scully told Jarod and Parker.

    When they were gone, Jarod handed Parker the cell-phone and walked away. He knew that this would be the hardest part for her.

    "Daddy?- It´s me."

    "Angel? Where are you?"

    "I can´t tell you..."

    "Are you still with Jarod, is he there?  ..."

    "Daddy, listen! I want to know why someone inside the Centre wants me dead. When they say -Bring Jarod in, dead or alive, that´s plausible, but why me ....? Tell me!"

    "Tell me where you are and we´ll bring you back."

    "Daddy, I know it was Brigitte, but whose order was it?"

    He didn´t answer.

    "Damn it, answer me!"

    "Angel, I ... I don´t know."

    "Don´t lie to me, daddy ..."

    "Please, you have to trust me, my darling. Tell me where you are and I´ll have you brought back to me."
    It took her a long time to reply to that.

    "Sorry, daddy, but I trusted you too much before. I don´t know if I want to ... to come back again. Just give me time. Bye, daddy."

    "Wait!" he cried, but then line was dead.

    "We have them!" Broots shouted from his computer.

    "Send a sweeper-team there. I want them back!" Mr. Parker turned to leave.

    "But, Mr. Parker! We don´t know if Jarod has her still ..."

    Miss Parker let the phone rest in her hand and blinked her eyes.

    Jarod came up, took the phone from her hand, and put it into his jacked.

    "Tell me I did the right thing, Jarod."

    "You did the right thing!"

    "And why do I feel so bad?"

    Mulder and Scully sat down in the sand. Mulder was a little uncomfortable because Scully hadn´t spoken much to him all day.

    "What´s up? You look ..."

    "Do you think that will turn out all right?"

    "You mean with Jarod and Parker or what?"

    "I mean everything. I´m not sure if I want to go on..."

    Mulder looked concerned.

    "You´re not telling me you want to transfer?"

    "No... I was thinking about quiting... the bureau." She couldn´t bear to look in his eyes, so she stared out at the sea.

    "You ... why? Have I said something wrong or ...?"

    "No, but what I told you, you told me, about a second chance ... I want to use this chance, but not like this. No longer.  Please try to understand me."

    He gently turned her head with his hand, so that she had to look at him.

    "Like I said, I want you to be happy, and if that´s what makes you happy, I have to live with that," he said, but inside a loud voice was screaming in pain.

    Scully took his hand, which still rested on her cheek in her hand, and placed a soft kiss there.

    "Don´t get me wrong. I´m thinking about a transfer; I didn´t do it already. I just need the time to make the right decision. But now let´s move. We don´t have much time."

Back at the beach house

    "You talked to your father?" Scully asked Parker.

    They were sitting on the small balcony while Jarod and Mulder checked the diving equipment.

    Parker nodded. "Yeah, I called him. He said he wants me back." She made a long pause before she continued.  "He is my father, for God's sake - and I don´t know if I love him anymore."

    At this moment Jarod came by and stopped behind the corner as he heard her say,

    "I don´t know if I ever loved him. But he was the only one I knew."

    Jarod thought his heart would break in two.

    "Do you think it´s normal to love someone you´re with all the time?" she asked Scully, and Jarod still stood behind them and couldn´t move.

    "You mean you thought you loved him because you didn´t know anything. I don´t think so...."

    But Jarod never heard what Scully said then. He had heard enough, and stumbled back down to the beach.

    Later that day, before they drove to the harbour, Jarod´s behavior was strange. Everyone noticed, but no one said anything.

    They drove to the pier, rented a small boat, and talked long enough with the owner to make sure he would remember them.

    "So, where do ya wanna go?" he asked.

    "Oh, we don´t know yet. We´ll see," Scully answered.

Two hours later, they were on the sea.

    "Now there´s no turning back. You sure about this?" Jarod asked Parker.

    "Yes, I´m sure. And if you ask me one more time, I´ll throw you in the sea ..." she tried to sound like she did when she spoke with her dad or with someone from the Centre but with Jarod it failed.

    "Ok, ok. You know that I know how you are about this. I just wanted to start a conversation. Sorry."

    "Why don´t you tell me again how you always escaped me before. I´m sure this is much more interesting," she said, but she sounded a little bit too bored.

    "You aren´t planning to try to catch me again, are you?" he teased.

    "Don´t stand too close to the edge..." she warned.

    "... or what? You are not strong enough to-" She didn´t let him tell her this twice. She pushed him to the edge of the rail, and held him so that he couldn´t keep his balance.

    "... or what?" she repeated, and grinned at him.

    Jarod swung his arms to try to regain his balance, but  without luck.

    "I take it back, ok? I take it back."

    Parker just grinned and let him stand again, but didn´t step back when he came forward.

    "Never mess with a Parker."

    "You´re not planning to start early without the diving suit?" Mulder shouted when he saw Jarod hanging over the edge.

    "Mhm, no. But I could never hurt a woman, so I let her win."

    "It looked to be the other way around," Scully smirked.

    Jarod gave her a grin and and raised his eyebrowns.

    "Hah, hah..."

    "Uh, poor baby. I didn´t insult your manhood, did I?" Parker reached up and rumpled his hair.

    "How much time do we have left?" Scully asked Jarod.

    He looked at his watch and then up to the sky.

    "One hour. Then they´ll come."

    "We had better get ready." Mulder said.

    Exactly one hour later, Mulder and Scully were on the deck and Jarod with Miss Parker below deck when a helicopter came towards them.

    Then everything happened at once. Suddenly smoke came from the rear. Mulder and Scully grabbed two lifebelts and jumped over the rail, just as the whole of the boat exploded.

    The helicopter circled them a few times.

    The man next to the pilot held a pair of binoculars. He said something to the pilot, and they flew away

    Several hours later, the lifeguards rescued Mulder and Scully and brought them back to the beach.

    "Are you ok?" Mulder said to Scully after the paramedics had checked them.

    "Yeah." she stepped closer to Mulder and whispered, "Do you see anyone suspicious?"

    He held the edges of her blanket together and lowered his head more. "Did the police already interview you?"

    "Yeah." She was still trembling.

    "What did they say?" He rubbed her arms to warm her.

    "Agent Scully, Agent Mulder?" a stong deep voice called them.

    They spun around and saw AD Skinner walking towards them.

    "Director Skinner. How did you knew where we were?" Mulder let go of Scully.

    "I got a call that you were in trouble, again. What happened here?"

    Scully began to explain that they were trying to hide Jarod and Miss Parker from an assassin.

    "Who are they and where are they?"

    "We don´t know. After the boat exploded, we never saw them again. We are afraid they ..." Scully trailed off.

    Mulder finished "We are afraid they died. They were below deck when it happened."

    Then a police officer came up to them.

    "I´m sorry. We couldn´t find anybody out there, and the water is too deep there to dive for them. No one could live through this." Then he walked away.

    "Could anybody tell me what´s really going on here?!" Skinner was annoyed.

End Part 7

Part 8

    Meanwhile, Jarod and Miss Parker reached the beach at a remote area. They made sure no one was around when they walked out of the water.

    On the boat, Jarod had detonated a smoke-grenade so that they could dive into the water without being seen by the helicopter. Then they swam back to the beach and went quickly up to the where they had placed a car earlier.

    They changed clothes and drove a few miles to a motel and rented 2 rooms.

    "Let me help you." Jarod wanted to carry the bags for Parker.

    "Jarod, I´m fine. You don´t have to help me."

    "What if I want to?" he smiled for the first time that day.

    "Jarod. What´s up with you? You´ve been acting strange all day, and I don´t believe it´s just because of our plan. So, what is it?"

    Jarod gave her the key to her door after he set her bag down next to the bed.

    "It´s nothing. I´m going to the next room." Then he was gone.

    Parker shook her head. She couldn´t understand him.

    A few minutes later, some knocks on the door that connected their rooms distracted her from her thoughts.

    She unlocked the door and let him in.

    Jarod refused to look her in the eyes as he spoke.

    "I was thinking.... about what we do now.... that they believe we are dead."

    "Wait. These have been strange days. We shouldn´t rush deciding something so important." Parker was a little afraid what he might want to do.

    "Ok. You may be right. I´ll go and try to rest. `Night."

    Parker lay in her bed but couldn´t sleep. She could hear Jarod walking through his room. After a while it was quiet. He must have gone to sleep, she thought, and did the same. Parker woke as she heard someone scream, and it took her a while to remember where she was, and that it was Jarod next door. She hesitated before knocking on his door.

    He didn´t respond.

    "Jarod?" The door wasn´t locked, so she opened it and went inside.

    "Jarod?" she asked again, because she couldn´t see him. Parker went further into the room and was startled by what she saw. He sat next to his bed, curled into a ball, rocking himself.

    She sat beside him and layed her hand on his arm.

    "Jarod?" she asked again, but it seemed like he didn´t even recognize her. He looked so sad, and she didn´t want anything more than to take him in her arms and make the pain go away.

    He rubbed his eyes and began, in a trance-like state, "Nightmares. The hallway .... Sydney holds me back ... they are going to hurt her ... the elevator ..." He trailed off and buried his head in his arms.

    Parker stroke his neck gentrly. "I know, I have the same nightmares. I can´t tell you how often ..." she started, but he lifted his head again and cut her off.

    "No. You don´t know how it is, what I see. You wanna know. I´ll tell you: ...I see you, not your mother. I see you lying on the floor in the elevator with a hole in your head! I see you...." He made a long pause and then continued. "As long as you were like your father, believing in the Centre and in him, you were safe. But now, after all the things I told you about your mom, your father and the Centre and after all the things you saw ... you are no longer safe. And that´s the reason why someone tried to kill you in SL 27. Someone sees how much you are becoming your mother´s daughter. ... I saw her die; I don´t want to see you die."

    "And you won´t see me die, because you saved my life."

    He made a sound like a laugh. "Yeah, and now. We´re on the run and don´t know what to do next."

    "What happened to the Jarod I knew? He would never have given up. He would have told me we´ll find a way. That there is always a way."

    <Yeah, there is a way for you and another for me, but none together,> he thought and said, "That Jarod is dead." He began to sob again.


    He jumped up and walked through the room.

    "Why? I thought after all that happened, at the cabin, there would be a way for us together."

    She still didn´t understand what he was talking about. She stood up too and layed her head to the side.

    "Why have you done this to me if you ..." He lifted his hand and let it sink again.

    "Could you please tell me what you are talking about?"

    "Why did you kiss me, huh? Because you pittied me. I don´t need your pity. It would have been better if you had just let me be alone."

    "Why do you think so? Do you honestly believe I would have kissed you just to comfort you? I thought you knew me better."

    "Yeah, I thought so, too. Until I heard you speak with Scully about me."

    At first she thought he meant the conversation at the waterfall, but that was impossible.

    "I didn´t tell Scully anything..."

    "Don´t lie to me. Better shut up. It´s too late anyway."

    "WHAT do you mean?"

    He came to her and stood just inches before her.

    "You told her that you don´t know if you ever loved me. What was that to you at the Centre - you and me, you know what I mean. Was it just ...?  Forget it."

    He turned around and was about to walk away when she caught his arm and forced him to look at her again.

    "I always thought you were different, but you are just like all other men. You don´t know people as well as you think you do. I was talking about my father when I spoke with Scully."

    Then she went to her own room and slammed the door behind her and locked it.

    He stood in his room, alone, and felt like he had made a complete idiot of himself.

    Later, Parker was lost in thoughts when he knocked sofly on her door. She didn´t answer him, just unlocked the door and sat back on the bed.

    "What do you want?" she asked him coldly.

    "I was thinking about what we said earlier. Maybe you are right. Perhaps the feelings I have for you are not what I thought. Maybe it´s really just a strong feeling of solidarity? But I´m having some problems analysing these feelings. Perhaps you could help me and explain it to me."
    He went to the end of the bed and sat down at her feet, facing the wall.

    "Everytime I called you, my heart beat faster, and when I heard your voice my stomach jumped. When I´m near you my heart beats even faster. And every time I called Sydney, I prayed that he would not tell me that something had happened to you. Although you have more than one bad quality I only can see your good ones. When you touch me, it feels like fire and ice AT the same time. And now you tell me what these feelings are!"

    She didn´t know what to say at first.

    "Jarod, that was the most beautiful declaration of love I ever heard."

    Parker came towards him and knelt beside him on the bed.

    She put one hand gently on his shoulder and the other on his check to turn her towards him and gave him the sweetest kiss she had ever given anyone. He put one hand on her neck and with the other he slowly pulled her into his lap. His hands gently stroked her back and she stroked his. He broke the kiss first, and looked at her for a reaction. When she smiled for him, it was enough to make him fly. He kissed her again, and this time more passionately. His arms encircled her even tighter, and his hand wandered under her t-shirt up and down the bare flesh of her back.

The same time
Somewhere in a Plane

    "You called the Gunmen?" Scully asked Mulder, who was sitting beside her in a plane back to Washington DC.

    "Yeah. Everything is arranged. They just have to keep quiet for a few weeks, and then they can do whatever they want to do." Mulder grinned at her.

    "Do you think they´ll stay together?"


    "I mean, do you think they´ll try to live together, or separate as soon as the whole thing is forgotten?"

    "Well, Jarod does want to stay with her, but I don´t know if she wants the same."

    Mulder leaned more towards her, so that the passengers behind them couldn´t see him any more.

    "Don´t tell me you didn´t see how she looked at him?"

    "How did she look at him?" Scully teased.

    Mulder looked past her to see if someone was watching them, then looked back at her.

    "Like this..." he said, and stared deep into her blue eyes.

    "Mulder, you always look like that ..."

    "Well, and are we still together or not?"

    "Can I bring you anything?" the stewardess asked, and Mulder sat back in his seat.

    "No, thanks." Scully could have killed her right then. The mood was gone.

End Part 8

Part 9

The Motel
The Next Morning

    Parker woke late that morning. She lifted her head from Jarod´s chest and looked at the clock next to the bed.

    It was already 10 am.

    As Jarod felt her move he woke up, too, and blinked.


    "It really is a good morning." She smiled a bright smile to him.

    He lay on his side and pulled her to him again. Just as they started to kiss, somebody knocked at the door.

    "Who is it?" Jarod shouted.

    "I have a package for you," a male voice said from outside.

    Parker jumped out of the bed and went with the blanket to her own room as Jarod opened the door.

    Frohike stood there with two bags in his hands.

    "Won´t you let me in?" He sounded nervous.

    "Sure." Jarod looked back to see if Parker was gone, and then let him in.

    He had brought them fresh clothes, money, new passports, and visas.

    "Have you found out if anyone is still looking for us?" Jarod asked the man.  Mulder had told before he would send someone named Frohike to bring them stuff.

    "Yeah. Looks like somone put some pictures up on the Internet and-" He couldn´t speak on, as Parker chose that moment to enter in jeans and a t-shirt.

    Jarod introduced them, and Parker felt like Broots' older brother stood before her. He tried to say something, but only some indefinite noises came out.

    She missed Broots, somehow.

    "And you brought us our tickets for a new life?" Parker slowly walked around him.

    "Mhm, yeah. I hm, we have here everything you need to go underground."

    Parker stared into his eyes and enjoyed his reaction. Jarod saw how uneasy he felt, and guided him to the door.

    "And everything Mulder told you is in there?" Jarod asked, and looked to the bags.

    "Mhm, yes, I guess. Here´s our phone number. The lines should be safe. If you need anything, just call."

    "Ok. Thanks, we owe you something." Jarod patted his shoulder.

Washington DC

    Scully and Mulder drove first to the office to make their reports and then Mulder brought her to her apartment.

    "Do you want a coffee or something?" she asked him as they walked up.

    "Sure." He placed her bag near the coffee table and went after her to the kitchen.

    She had turned on the radio, and the sound of U2´s "If God will send his angels" softly went through the apartment.

    "Oh, I love this song." Mulder stepped behind her and turned up the radio, which was standing on the cupboard in front of her.

    "I never knew you liked such music?"

    "Oh, I like a lot of things..." He grinned and stepped close behind her and encircled her with his arms.

    Neither of them heard Mrs. Scully open the front door.

    Mulder stroked the hair from her neck and placed first a single kiss there and then another. The coffee was long forgotten.

    "Dana? You here? I have a surprise for you."

    And it truly was a surprise when she entere the kitchen and saw her daughter and her partner in a very unexpected situation.

    Mulder slowly looked up and turned around to face Mrs. Scully.

    "Hi! I didn´t meant to ..."

    "Hi Mom," Scully interrupted her, but didn´t knew what to say next.

    "I, mhm, I brought you something, but I should come back later."

    "No, No. We were just about to have some coffee. Do you want some?" Scully offered.

    "Well, sure." Mrs. Scully still couldn´t believe what she saw.

    Scully gave her a cup and then took Mulder by his arm.

    "Mom, make yourself at home. Mulder and I have something to make clear first." Then she took him with her to her bedroom and shut the door behind them.
    Mulder started to say something but she cut him off and placed her finger on his lips.

    "Wait." Mulder was a little bit apprehensive. She was acting strange.

    "Mulder, I ..." she looked him deep in the eyes and then she did the only natural thing she could think of. She placed her hand on his neck and pulled him down to her.

    The kiss was gentle at first and when she pulled away first, she seached his face for a reaction, and his goofy grin told her everything she wanted to know. He didn´t wait another moment to pull her close to him and he kissed her again. This time the kiss was less gentle, but much more passionate.

    Scully´s mother was long forgotten until they heard the phone ring in the living room. They parted slowly, and Scully breathed a few times before she opened the door and went straight to the phone without looking to her mom.

    "Hello, this is Agent Scully."  <Oh no, Frohike.> "Hi," She greeted him.

    "The package is delivered."

    "Thank you. We owe you something," she said, knowing exactly what came next.

    "Well, we could go to dinner tonight."

    "I´m afraid she´s busy," Mulder said as he took the phone from her, "but thanks again. See ya." He hung up.

    Scully eyed him but he shook his head. "He knows how it´s meant."

    Mrs. Scully came up and watched them.

    "Don´t you wanna tell me what´s going on, Dana? And Fox, lip-gloss doesn´t suit you." She couldn´t keep that back, and she grinned at them both, now blushing.

*     -- What did she bring for Scully?  I'm insanely curious.

A week later
Somewhere in Florida

    After Jarod got the DSAs from his hiding place where he had left them before he went to the Centre and SL 27, he and Parker rented a beach house. If they had to keep quiet, why not in a lovely place like that?

    They spent almost the entire day on the beach together.

    Parker lay on a huge beach-towel and waited for him to get back with the two ice creams, but he didn´t come back. As she turned around, she saw him standing by the ice cream stand with a few other people. She stood up and went over to them. Jarod had just gotten their ice creams, and a girl was flirting with him. It seemed he didn´t get that she was trying to turn him on, but Parker did. She knew exactly what was in this girl's mind.

    She went to him, embraced his naked torso, and gave him a long, deep kiss on the mouth. He had a hard time trying not to drop the ice cream on the floor.

    "Hi, Honey!" she greeted him, sugar-sweet with a big smile.

    "Hi. I was just on my way back."

    His arms were still around her, and she took one of the ice creams from him.

    "See ya." Jarod said good-bye to the others at the stand and they walked back to their towels.

    "Looks like I have no chance," the poor girl said to her friend, and they went back to their places.

    After they ate their ice cream in silence, Parker began, "Jarod, I enjoy being here with you, but you know that I can´t do this all the time. I was used to working fourteen hours a day at the Centre, and I can´t just shut up. I miss something. Not the Centre, but doing something. And I still want to know who killed my mother, maybe we could even find those kids she tried to rescue, and you surely want to find your parents."

    "You´re right. I was hoping we could just keep quiet for a few days and then start again. You know, we have to be very careful not to let the Centre realize that we´re still alive."

    "I know. ... What about Mulder and Scully? Do you have their e-mail addresses? We should tell them that we are ok."


Washingtom DC
Scully's apartment

    The phone rang.

    "Hi, Scully."

    "Hi yourself. What´s up?"

    "I just got a e-mail from, you know. Everything´s all right.  Has anybody asked you any more questions about the "accident"?"

    "No, you?"

    "Yeah. After you left the office, someone called and asked a lot of questions. Guess who it was - this Sydney guy."


    "Yeah. He wanted to know about Jarod and Miss Parker. How they were together."

    "Why don´t you make it a day and come over? You could tell me more over a pizza or something like that."

    "Sounds great. I´ll be there in half an hour, ok?"


    It was strange. Nothing had changed between the two of them - well, not much. They still worked together like before, they just spent more off-time together and had much more fun. They had to be careful, though, because it would be a godsend for the syndicate.

    The months passed, and they only got a few emails the whole time from Jarod and Parker.  They never told them where they were or what they were doing because no one should find out with whom they were corresponding, but it seemed like they were still together, on the run.

Somewhere in the Desert

    Jarod and Miss Parker were caught by two Centre cars.

    The sweepers threw them on the sany ground and handcuffed them. Then they lifted them and brought them to the second car.

    Before the sweepers pushed them into the car, Jarod and Parker exchanged looks and as he nodded, they fought them.

    Jarod knocked the first sweeper out and Parker took the second. She set her tumb again, grabbed his gun and looked around. Nobody was coming out of the first car.

    "Uncuff me." He handed her the keys.

    "How did they find us here?"

    "Just luck, my dear." they both spun around, and Mr. Parker came out of the first car with a gun in his hand.

    "Step away from him," he ordered his daughter.

    "So that you can shoot him? No!"

    "Step away! Or do you want to ..."
    "What? Do you have the order to kill us both?"

    "I have been ordered to bring him back. And not alive."

    Jarod wanted to start to walk away from her, but she grabbed his arm and stepped in front of him. Her father still aimed the gun at him and her.

    "Let me go!" Jarod whispered urgently to her.

    "No. He´ll shoot you."

    "He´ll shoot us both if you don´t let me go."

    "No!" she took the safety off the gun she held and still aimed at her father.

    "You already took my mother. I don´t let you do this."

    Mr. Parker looked at the ground and then back to his daughter.

    His fingers tightened around the gun, but then the door of the car flew open and an unknown man in a dark suit came out.

    "Shoot, you coward!" he shouted.

    At the same time, Jarod took the gun from the second sweeper out of his pocket where he had put it earlier.

    Mr. Parker looked to the man next to him.

    "How can you be so cruel to your own son?" he asked him.

    The man took his own weapon and shot at Miss Parker, but Jarod was faster, and the bullet hit the man in the dark suit straight through the heart. Mr. Parker pointed his gun from his daughter to Jarod but before he could shoot, a bullet from her weapon hit him in the head.

End Part 9

Part 10

    Parker almost fell out of her bed as she tried to jump away from the fight in her dream.

    She woke and shook her head. A nightmare. A stupid nightmare.

    She wished Jarod was there, but he was out to "work". He had gotten a job as a doctor in the little town they were staying in temporarily as she followed a lead to one of the "rescued" children here.

    When he came "home", she had already eaten breakfast and left him some toast and orange-juice. And of course chocolate-croissants. He loved them.

    She was about to leave when she met him at the door.



    "What´s up?"

    "Oh, nothing important. The Sheffield boy has the flu, and I had to drive to their farm tonight. He´s going to be fine."
    Jarod looked tired, and wanted nothing more than to into bed and sleep, but as he looked at her, she looked like he felt.

    "What´s up here? You look pretty sleepy yourself."

    "I just couldn´t sleep well, I guess."

    Jarod realized that she was not telling him everything.

    "Maybe you´ll feel better when you tell me?" he offered.

    "No, it´s ... I had a dream last night, and it was too weird. I dreamt the Centre had found us here and ... forget it. Just forget it. It´s too stupid. I'm going now to city hall to try to find out something about our Joshua. Bye."

    Joshua Paul was one of the "rescued" children who had not died yet, or so they hoped.

In the City Hall

    "Good morning. I´d like to take a look at ..." she began, but the woman behind the desk greeted her warmly.

    "Oh hi. You´re Jarod's wife, aren´t you? I´m Mary. How can I help you?"

    Just like in old times, Parker thought, only  this time she had a chance to kick Jarod´s ass later for that.

    "We´re not married," she simply told her. "I´m searching for documents about boy named Joshua Paul. Can I take a look at the birth certificate?"

    "I´m afraid I can´t allow that. They are not for public viewing."

    "But it would be a great help for me. You know, it could be that we are siblings and I need to find him to be sure ..." She knew that was a lie, but if she were to tell the poor woman the whole story it would take more time than she had.

    "Well, the files are in the last room down the hallway, room 23. As I told you, it´s not for public viewing. I´ll go to the washroom now." She turned and walked away with a smile.

    "Thanks." Parker waited until she had disappeared, and then went down the hallway to room 23. She looked around to be sure that no one was around, and entered.

    She searched in all of the file-cabinets, but nowhere could she find a hint to a Joshua Paul or anyone like him.

    <Another dead-end street. Damn.> And she had been so sure they would find something here.

    As Parker walked past the secretary, the woman called after her. "Miss, wait."

    <Oh shit.>

    Parker turned around and the secretary came towards her.

    "I just remembered something. You said his name was Paul, Joshua Paul? A few months ago there was a government employee who was searching for the same person. He also went to the archives. Did you find anything there?"

    "No." Now it was getting interesting.

    "That´s strange. This man said he had found what he was looking for, and then I never saw him again."

    "What did he look like, this man?"

    "He was black, wore an expensive suit, had short hair, and was huge."

    <She just described Raines' sweeper. Shit. They had destroyed all of the evidence, again.>

    "Thanks a lot. You were a great help."

    "I´m glad I could help you. Anything for Jarod´s wife, eh, friend. He´s such a sweetheart. It´s good to have such a talented doctor in town. You know the last one was a, well, you know the story."

    Oh yeah. Jarod had played Mr. Help again and exposed the old doc as a dealer who sold steroids and other drugs to the kids from the football-team of the local highschool.

    On her way back home she drove along the river. Normaly it was just a little creek, but because it had rained so much in the last few days it was now a strong river.

    But was was that? She saw something swimming in the high tide. A boy. A small boy. She stopped the car and ran down to the water. She took off her shoes and jumped in. The boy wasn´t moving any more. She had to bring him out. The water was wild and she had trouble reaching him. Then she grabbed his sweatshirt and pulled him towards her and brought him to the shore.

    As she started to perform CPR some kids ran towards her.

    "Billy!" one of them shouted.

    "God. Is he dead?" the other asked.

    As she tried to make him breathe again she asked them, "You know him?"

    They nodded.

    "Call for help and hurry!" she ordered. The boys ran away.

    It was nearly too late, but then the lifeless body began to breathe and spit out the water.

    "Are you ok?" Parker asked softly, and held his head carefully.

    "I´m cold." he stuttered.

    "I know. Help´s coming soon." She saw a few cars coming towards them.

    Jarod hopped out of one car and ran to her. She explained what had happened, and he checked the boy while more and more villagers came to see what had happened here. The mother of the little boy came running up and cried. She thanked Parker warmly for her help and went back to her boy who was now brought to the hospital with the arriving ambulance.

    Jarod closed his luggage and came to her. She sat on the back of his car with a blanket over her shoulder and her wet clothes.

    Jarod hugged her. "You´re not gonna hit me when I say I`m really proud of you?" he teased, then said more seriously, "A few minutes later and the boy would be dead."

    She playfully hit his chest and pushed him softly towards her car.

    "I´ll bring you home." He turned to one of the people and threw the keys to his car to him. "Here, Chris! Could you drive my car back? I´ll drive her home."

    "Sure, take your time. We´ve got nothing else to do now." The young man caught the keys.

    Neither of them had seen the old man with his home-video-camera who filmed the doc and his girlfriend as they drove away. Then he zoomed back to the little boy. <This is a great story. The local tv-station should pay something for that,> he thought.

Washington D.C.
Scully´s apartment
The next day

    "Oh shit!" Scully shouted in front of the TV.

    "Hey, what´s up?" Mulder had just entered her apartment.

    She just pointed at the tv and as he saw what she meant he said "Oh shit!", too.

    On the screen she clearly saw Jarod and Parker. It was the tape from the man yesterday. He had sold his tape to the news station and they had bought it as a big heroine story.

    "These two are just doppelgängers of our friends?"

    "I´m afraid you´re wrong. Can we contact them somehow?"

    "We could send an e-mail, but I don´t know how often they check it. Let´s try." Mulder booted the laptop.

The Desert
Jarod and Miss Parker's house
1 hour later


    "What?" Jarod asked Parker, who was sitting at the computer to kill some time.

    "Look!" she turned the monitor to him.

    "Oh my God! Let´s pack. We have to run."


Same time
At the Centre
Tech Room

    "Shit!" Broots nearly spilt his coffee as he saw the picture on the tv-screen that sat near his computer.
    "What is it, Broots?" Sydney looked up from the desk where he was looking at test results from the last sims.

    They still worked together since the "death" of Jarod and Miss Parker, only Broots now did other things than follow Jarod's paths through the Internet.

    Sydney's jaw fell. He couldn´t believe what he saw. Jarod just brushed Miss Parker's cheek and hugged her. Then he saw them drive away in a car.

    "Sydney, tell me I´m just stressed and am having hallucinations."

    "Then I'm having them, too. But I'm guessing we saw right. I never really could believe they just died on that boat."

    "But, but the FBI said ... there were witnesses."

    "And we know that they were together for some time before this happened. They helped them to hide."

    "Oh my God. What if someone else saw this tv-report?"

    "I guess we´ll have company in a few seconds."

    And then in came Mr. Parker followed by Mr. Raines.

    "If you two knew something about that before ..." Mr. Raines began.

    "We knew no more than you." Sydney tried to calm them.

    Sam, the sweeper, entered and informed them that the helicopter was ready and Mr. Parker and Mr. Raines went out of the room and left Sydney and Broots speechless.

    Sydney started to walk behind them, but Broots caught his arm and gave him an inquiring look.

    "We are going with them," he said and freed himself from his grip. Broots still didn´t move.

    Sydney turned. "What? What are you afraid of?  We have a chance to find the truth. Don´t you want to know what really happened?"

    "I ... no, yes... ok. But I have a bad feeling." He caught up with Sydney and they hurried to the helicopter pad.

Somewhere in the desert
On the road

    "How long will it take them to get here?" Miss Parker thought, but mistakenly spoke out loud.

    "The report was on tv five hours ago. They could be in town by now, asking questions about us. I spoke with almost everyone, and they´ll tell them all a different story and a different direction. That should give us a little lead and time." Jarod sped the car over the highway.

    "It´s about 190 miles northward." She patted the map in her lap. "We should get there before sundown?"

    He looked up to the sky and back to the road, then to her and nodded.

In town
On the Main Road

    Sydney and Broots spoke with several villagers and then met in the little pub.

    "Well," Broots started. "The nice old woman told me Jarod said to her they´re going to Disneyland. The woman with the little child said Miss Parker said something about Alaska.  And now the best - to the preacher they said they were going to Las Vegas."

    "Oh," Sydney couldn´t hide his grin. "The school principal told me they decided to go on vacation to ... guess where ... Blue Cove, Delaware!"

    "Yeah, that´s good. And they definitely are Jarod and Miss Parker. I can´t believe they are together and she hasn´t killed him yet and he hasn´t tied her to a tree."

    Sydney just smiled till Mr. Parker and a sweeper entered the pub.

    "What a nice little town, isn´t it, Mr. Parker?" Sydney greeted him. He was just happy to know Jarod was all right and Miss Parker, too. They had done the right thing.

    "Did you find out anything useful?" he asked them coldly.

    "Mhm, no, Mr. Parker." Broots answerd nervous. He hoped he hadn´t seen the grin on his face as he came in.

    As they left the pub a second helicopter landed near the first one. Mr. Parker went over and spoke with the man next to the pilot. Neither of them knew the older man with the dark suit. After a minute Mr. Parker came back and climb in the other helicopter.

    They flew away and left Sydney and Broots on the mainroad.

    "What ...?" Broots began.

    Sydney shook his head and lifted his shoulders.

On the road

    "I have the bad feeling we should find some place to hide - fast." Parker looked nervously behind her on the road.

    "It would be pure luck if they found the car from the helicopter."

    "I guess they´re pretty lucky." She pointed behind her.

    Two helicopters flew high above the highway behind them.

    One of them flew over them and sank almost to the ground to stop the car.

    Jarod had to stop hard so as not to hit the skids of the copter.

    As soon as the car stood still, two sweepers hopped out of the helicopter and "helped" them roughly out of the car.
    They shoved them on the hood and searched them for weapons. Sam took the weapon he found on Miss Parker and put it in his pocket.

    Mr. Parker slowly climbed out.

    The sweepers took them off the car and stood them before Mr. Parker. He looked at his daughter and then to Jarod without blinking or moving a muscle.

    He turned and slowly shook his head.

    Miss Parker and Jarod meanwhile exchanged looks and she knew exactly what he wanted to do.

    Like a flash they fought with the sweeper and knocked them out. She took her weapon back and pointed it at Mr. Parker, who now turned to them again and also had a gun in his hand, aimed at Jarod.

    "My dear, put down the gun."

    "So you can shoot us?" she asked him.

    He didn´t respond but just looked briefly to the ground and back.

    "Like you shot my mother?"


    Then the older man came from the second helicopter and shouted to him.

    "No, I did." He looked at Miss Parker directly, with his dark brown eyes challenging her ice-blue.

    "And now you have to do it!" he ordered her father.

    "I can´t!" Mr. Parker's hands now trembled.

    "Then I'll have to do it, you moron!" He turned his gun to Miss Parker.

    Jarod blinked at the sweeper on the ground before him. He could see the gun in his holster. He quickly grabbed it and pointed the gun at the older man with the dark suit.

    "Oh Boy, you won´t shoot me." He grinned devilishly.

    "Give me one good reason not to!" he said, enraged.

    "One reason? I'll give you two.  Ok, first because I would shoot her anyway. And now my favourite one..." he made a dramatic pause. "Because I´m your dad!"

    The world around Jarod bagan to swim.

    "You lair! Jarod, don´t believe him!" Miss Parker shouted at him as she saw that he was fighting hard with himself.

    He then looked back at him and targeted directly at the old man's heart.

    "You won´t get a chance to blink when I shoot you." He was now really angry.

    Jarod saw the muscle jerk in his face and shot before the old man could bend his finger.

    Mr. Parker aimed at him and was about to fire as a second bullet flew through the air and hit him in his sleeve. He and the old man collapsed onto the sandy ground.

    Neither Jarod nor Miss Parker could do anything but stare. They could not move or even thing of moving. They were like stone.

    Miss Parker came back to reality first and put a gentle hand on his shoulder to turn him around.

    He began to mumble something she couldn´t understand and stepped into her open arms, the guns dropped down on the desert ground.

    They held each other for a moment that seemed like eternity till she softly spoke in his ear.

    "We can´t believe them."

    "No, but I have to be sure. We have to be sure. ..."

    They separated and first cuffed the sweepers on the helicopter where they threw them, then they took the weapons and removed their fingerprints. Not that the police could identify them, but the Centre could.

    Then Jarod stepped near the man with the dark suit and looked at him for a long time.  Miss Parker went around to the helicopter and took the first aid kit from the back to get some syringes.

    She knelt down beside Jarod and took some blood from the unknown man.

    She stood up and went to their car, waiting for Jarod. She didn´t want to see her father again. The picture of her mother´s death haunted her every night; that was enough.



The blood test Jarod performed proved clearly that this man, the man he had searched for so long, was his father. The man who wanted to kill him.

He and Miss Parker really went to Alaska and tried to forget there the things that had happened.

Sydney and Broots still worked for the Centre.

Mulder and Scully made their next vacation somewhere in Alaska. They got an e-mail with the text:

"Thanks for the warning. We´re all right.

        Mr. & Mrs. Free"

END for now.

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