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Fan Fiction Guidelines

1.  All fan fiction must be about the Pretender.  Crossovers are acceptable, but please don't send me a story
     that has nothing to do with the Pretender.

2.  All fan fiction must be sent to  AthenaDreamer .  It may be sent as an attachment (.txt format) or as the body
     of an email with the subject FAN FICTION.  Please state whether you would like your email address listed
     on the page with your story.  If no preference is made, it will be assumed that you want your email posted.

3.  Please rate your fan fiction.  Some people are offended by graphic sexual content or violence.  Please beware
     that tastes differ.  Use your best discretion.  If you think it's an R but someone else would rate it NC-17, rate it
     NC-17 just to be safe.  Use the movie ratings of G for General Audiences, PG for some questionable content,
     PG-13 for some violence and/or sexual overtones, R for strong violence, excessive foul language, and strong
     sexual innuendo, overtone or content, and NC-17 for very graphic, very strong sexual content or extreme violence.

4.  Please title your fiction.  If you do not title your fiction, I will post it as a story with a number such as "Pretender Story 1".

5.  Any fiction is acceptable.  I will post unfinished or finished work.  If you want to put it up on the site, just email it to me.

6.  Please use a spell checker.  It is a very valuable tool to an author.

7.  Please be sure that if your fiction is finished to place the words THE END at the end of your fiction.  It helps the reader
     know that the story is over. :)

8.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to  email me  and ask away.

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