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If you would like to submit fan fiction to this site, please read the  guidelines first.


Stories by AthenaDreamer:

---- Escape :   A Pretender/La Femme Nikita Crossover.   Jarod meets Nikita inside Section One and the two become fast friends.  Can Jarod help Nikita escape from the Section?   PG-13
----  New Year's Phantom :  Miss Parker meets a Phantom who sweeps her off her feet.  But where's Jarod?  NC-17

Stories by Trixi:

---  Letting Go :   Jarod escapes with Miss Parker from the Center after a assassin tries to kill them. Together with Mulder and Scully they hide in the moutains ...   PG-13

---  Never Tear Us Apart : Miss Parker finally catches Jarod and gets the order to kill him. But that´s just the beginning...

---  Island of Truths : Miss Parker and Sydney follow Jarod to Ireland and discover more about the past.  PG-13

---  What if . . . . The missing/alternative scene of F/X.  PG-13

Stories by Laurie:

---   Old Friends :  Miss Parker has amnesia.  What will Jarod do to help her?   PG
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