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What if  . . . ?

Author:   Trixi

SPOILERS: maybe F/X, nothing important

DISCLAIMER: You know, the Pretender and its characters, Jarod, Miss Parker,
Sydney and Broots belong to NBC.

AUTORS NOTE: I re-watched "F/X" and wondered what would have happened when Miss
Parker came home to early and Jarod was still in her house to place Igor

    Miss Parker came home earlier from the Centre than usual. It had been a hell of
a day. First the call from her father, who was really pissed because they still
hadn´t found Jarod, and then the sick present from Wonderboy, and last but not
least - discussing old horror-movies with Broots.

    <What could make this day any worse?> she thought as she walked towards her

    <Shit!> Jarod heard her unlock the door and enter.

    <Why is she so early? I should have made sure she´d come home later!> Jarod
jumped under her bed. There wasn´t enough time to escape and take Igor with him
so he would have to wait until there was a favorable moment. He heard her throw
her keys on the table in the living room and then the klick of her heels coming
towards the bedroom.

    Parker was too tired to take a shower so she sat before the mirror and quickly
removed her make-up, changed in her favorite green pyjamas and went straight to

    Jarod was glad that she at least didn't own a futon because then he would have
had a serious problem lying under her bed.

    He could hear her toss and turn and thanked god that it was windy outside so it
wasn´t too quiet in the room. He had trouble not letting her hear him breathing
while he lay just a few inches away from her.

    Jarod waited for several hours til she was in a deep and steady sleep before he
dared to creep out. He looked down at the woman who had been his hunter for the
past two years and felt confused. She looked so peaceful lying there on her
back, one hand beside her face, the other on the blanket by her stomach. He
stood a few moments, unable to persuade himself to leave. He just wanted to
watch her sleep forever.

    He mentally kicked himself for being so stupid and turned to leave but stopped
and walked back to her sleeping form. He loved to play with the fire and so he
bent down to give her a quick kiss good-bye.

    <She´s sleeping so deep, she won't notice anything.> he thought and his breath
caught in his throat as he was only inches away from her face. <What am I
doing?> his brain protested but his heart told him otherwise and his lips barely
touched hers.

    He pulled back a bit to look for her reaction but not seeing any he tried again.
<Jarod, get out of here!> his mind shouted but he ignored it.

    When he tried to pull back again, her hand snapped up and caught his neck. He
was surprised but was even more so when she pulled him back down to met her soft
lips once more. She kissed him so passionatly he felt confused at first but
quickly gave in and kissed her back. Her other hand already gripped his shirt
and pulled at him. He was torn between pulling away and running as fast as he
could or just waiting to see what would happen when she woke up fully. By the
passion in their kiss the choice wasn´t difficult so he let her pull him onto
the bed.

    As he touched the mattress she pushed him back to look at him. He couldn´t tell
what he saw in her face but it wasn´t anger. He waited thinking she would grab
his neck and choke him, but instead she pulled him back to her and gave him a
kiss, gentle this time, exploring, curious, and oh so sweet. He couldn´t help
but groan and felt her smile on his lips.

    Jarods inner voice yelled but he sucessfully ignored it until she lightly pushed
him away. Before he could blink she had her gun aimed at his head.

    "Nice to see you, Jarod." she smiled at him like he was the grand prize. Well,
he was.

    Jarod had more of a problem trying to get his breathing under control then
thinking of what to do next.

    "Yeah, *nice* to see you, too." He stumbled, looked at the gun, then focused
back on her.

    She slowly pushed him away with one hand, kicked her blankets off and stood up.
Parker did not let him see how much he had affected her with their kiss but
instead glanced cooly at him.

    "What a pleasure. To what do I owe the honor of this visit?". First she had
thought it was just another nice dream until she felt his weight on her
mattress. The realization that this was no dream had sent a borage of mixed
emotion through her mind. She would have enjoyed pretending he was her lover for
just one night but ... that was no option.

    "Well, truth is I just wanted to leave you something, but ..."

    "I know the rest. *What* did you want to leave for me?" she looked him in the
eye.  Suddenly a noise from outside the window made her look away and aim in
that direction.

    Jarod seized the chance and jumped forward to grab her gun but she was faster
and had already aimed it back at him as he grabbed it. She could have easily
shot him but hesitated.

    Jarod knew she would not hesitate to shot him in the foot, leg or arm but she
would not kill him so he took the gun out of her hand.

    "It´s a pity that we stand on different sides." he remarked and then grabbed her
handcuffs from her jacket on the chair beside him.

    "Put these on. One on the bedpost, the other on your wrist." He ordered and
aimed the gun at her.

    "You wouldn´t shot me." She retorted and took a step towards him.

    "You sure?  I could pretend you're that bitch Brigitte!" and he removed the

    Cuffed at her bed she looked back at him. "And now what Lab-rat?  Planning to
rape me?"

    "Ouch, I thought you knew me better. However a few minutes ago it seemed like
you would have enjoyed it."

    She didn't deny it but replied, "I thought you were someone else."

    "You never could lie to me very well." He said and walked to the balcony door
and carried something big inside. It was covered with a huge blanket and she had
no clue as to what it could be.

    "My birthday´s long past." She said.

    "I know." He placed the thing next to her and uncovered it.

    "What the hell is that!" her voice climbed an octave higher.

    "It´s a pleasure to present you to IGOR. Now, I have to go, have fun together.
I´ll take the phone, just to make sure you don´t call for help til I´m gone." He
grinned boyishly at her and walked out of the room.

    "Jarod?" she shouted behind him.


    "Mhm, forget it. .. forget it." she leaned back against the bed and watched him

    It took her several hours to free herself from her own handcuffs.   She then
called Sydney and Broots to meet her at the Centre in an hour. Parker showered,
dressed and took Igor with her.

    She arrived at the same time as her team and ordered Broots to carry the monster
inside. He gasped for breath under the heavy weight of the big toy but didn´t
dare to argue with her. Her mood was much worse than normal and that was almost

    Sydney smiled the entire way down to the tech-room.

    "What, Dr. Freud?"

    "Oh, nothing. I was just wondering."

    "About what?" she snapped.

    "Why do you have marks around your wrists?"

    "Ask your little out of control experiment." She shoved the door open and walked
inside, not caring if the door slammed in Broots face. She had had a hell of a
night and the others didn´t deserve any better.

    "Let´s find out what Wonder-Boy is trying to tell us this time. Broots, what do
you know about Igor?"

    While Broots and Miss Parker investigated the monster, Sydney smiled at the
thought of what might have happened at Miss Parker's house.

You know the rest.

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